Rebuild sidebar, How?

My sidebar menu items are filled in from the database.
After adding a new entry to the database, I need to rebuild the sidebar. How? )


<RadzenSidebar @ref="sidebar0">
    <RadzenPanelMenu Style=" min-height: 150px">

        @{ if (_localityList != null)
                foreach (var itemLocality in _localityList)
                    <RadzenPanelMenuItem Icon="view_headline" Text=@itemLocality.Name @ondblclick="@((args)=>EditLocalityClick(args,itemLocality.Guid))">
                        @{ if (_partnerList != null)
                                foreach (var itemPartner in _localityList)
                                    <RadzenPanelMenuItem Icon="add" Text=@itemPartner.Name @onclick="@((args)=>EditPartnerClick(args,itemLocality.Guid))"></RadzenPanelMenuItem>

                        <RadzenPanelMenuItem Icon="add" Text="New partner..." @onclick="@AddPartnerClick"></RadzenPanelMenuItem>
        <RadzenPanelMenuItem Icon="add" Text="New territory..." @onclick="@AddLocalityClick"></RadzenPanelMenuItem>

You need to somehow update the localityList field and call StateHasChanged

            _localityList = await _repoService.GetLocality();
            await InvokeAsync(() => { StateHasChanged(); });

this is implemented. but the rebuild doesn't happen.

sorry, I found an error. StateHasChanged() works.