Realtime data in Radzen components


I want to make a new tutorial on YouTube where I play around with some of the Radzen components and use SqlTableDependency or SqlDependency to track changes from a database and also use SignalR to update the Radzen components in realtime without updating the UI/view. And by using Radzen Blazor Studio for the things i can use that for.
I already made a video about this but with using Blazor only and some simple text data.
Do you in the Radzen Team think there will be any issues on doing this?
It is more if there is any issues doing this when using the Radzen components, like some limitations or should it work just fine?
I will try it out no matter what, but if you have any objections about this, please tell me. And I will of course tell about the issues if I hit any.

Hi @AlexanderGudmundsson,

The only specific thing is that you may need to call the Reload method of the chart or datagrid after updating their data source.

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Thanks i will try it out!

You can check also for reference how I've used Timer and Reload() method in this thread:

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Looks great!
However I don't want to make a request every second or any other time interval. Only when there is actually changes to a MS SQL database table. So by using SqlTableDependency I can listen to the table and only recieve new data when there is new data via the Service Broker that MS SQL provide.

But thanks for the link to the other post, helped to see how you Reload :grin: