Reading xml file

Is there a facility for reading xml file?

There is no such built-in functionality. You can add custom method for that:

Hi Vladimir, I'm following the explanation in the Invoke page but when I click on the Select method, all I get is the ToString method (no matter how many times I try to Refresh)
Where next?

Can you provide more info about your custom method and where is declared?

I took on a page called Sum and dragged a button on to the form.
Clicked on the Events tab and on the arrow to Handle the Click Event.
Clicked the + button and selected Invoke Code - it loaded methods but does not show Sum - only ToString

Will you post the code of this Sum method? It should be in the page partial class.

Thank you for asking the right question! Got me looking in the right direction

Thanks, Vladimir, I'm making some progress.
Further down the same Invoke-method description, I connected to Northwind, followed the instructions up to Run it to try it:
Multiple MSBuild project files found in 'C:\Radzen\server'. Specify which to use with the --project option.
So in desperation (!) I created a new application and saved it to my C:/AAP folder - yet when I ran it, it came back with the same error???
Why is it looking in C:/Radzen/server when I put it elsewhere?