Read only form without save button

I need to do a "view only" form. I have set all widgets as disabled of an edit form but I must also hide the save button. How can I do it?

It seems you've missed ButtonPosition:

How do I make button visible/hide based on specific role?

Thanks for the response but where do I add security code. Here is my scenario.
On grid when click on any row it open dialogue and shows edit form where there are two buttons "Save" and "Cancel". I want to hide save and cancel button both when user is not logged on with admin role.
Can you please tell me any sample that depicts this scenario.

You can set Visible property of the button. If you need dedicated support you may consider getting a Radzen Professional subscription.

I have my company Professional subscription and I am the only one who is using RadZen in my company. Let me know how to proceed with dedicated support.

You can send us an email to Also please specify the email your license was purchased from.

Sure I'll send email to info

Is there a way to make an entire page read only, or do I have to go through each control on the form? The forms I want to make read only aren't template forms, but more complicated forms that break up various data into tabs. I want certain user types to be able to read all the data on each tab but not enter any data or make any changes.

Pages and forms cannot be read-only - only form controls and in your case form fields.