Re-Renders On Tab When Building Form Dynamically

Hey Guys, I am building my RadzenTemplateForm dynamically using this format (due to a dynamic schema):

private Dictionary<string, object> formData = new Dictionary<string, object>(); 
builder.AddAttribute(1, "Value", value);
builder.AddAttribute(2, "ValueChanged", EventCallback.Factory.Create(this, (T newValue) => formData[fieldKey] = newValue));
builder.AddAttribute(10, "Name", fieldKey);

But the form is re-rendering each time that I tab over.

I have the RadzenTemplateForm using the Model but I have also tried with "EditContext".

All works fine except that when tabbing over to the next control or clicking a checkbox, it re-renders all of my controls.

<RadzenTemplateForm TItem="Dictionary<string, object>" Model="@formData" Submit="OnSubmit" InvalidSubmit=@OnInvalidSubmit>

Of course it will, this is how Blazor works. If it's not re-rendered on each state change you will not see it in your page.