Re-Display of Grid

Hi -
I am trying to build out a little application that has a split screen on the top is a Radzen grid that shows the items in the order. The lower part is a form with a button - in the processing of the button click event I am adding to the list that is displayed in the grid.

Is there anyway I can cause the grid to refresh? if not do you have some other suggestion on how I can do this?

thanks for the great components and in advance for your help

Hi @ssomwm,

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You can call Reload() method of the DataGrid to refresh it.

Thanks for your reply - I tried that and it did not do anything.

Here is where I define the grid -
<RadzenGrid TItem="InventoryAdjItem" @ref="AdjItemGrid">

Then in my @Code section

I define the grid variable
adzenGrid AdjItemGrid;

and I call the reload

Is there anything else I need to do - do you have any suggestions on what I can look at or check?

Thanks again

I’m not sure from the posted code how the grid is bound in your case and what is assigned to Data property however you can call the same code that populates Data.

Thanks for the reply - not really following what you are saying

here is the entire definition of the grid
<RadzenGrid TItem="InventoryAdjItem" @ref="AdjItemGrid" Data="InventoryAdjustments">

Then in the code section of the razor page I have declared
List InventoryAdjustments = new List();
RadzenGrid AdjItemGrid;

In the button handler for the form part I have
InventoryAdjItem item = new InventoryAdjItem();
NailStrip theStrip;

        theStrip = NailStrips.ElementAt(MyGridValue-1);

        item.NailStripName = theStrip.NailStripName;
        item.AdjQty = MyNumbericValue;



I create a new InventoryAdjustmentItem fill it in, add it to the list and call the reload

Am I missing something?

Hi - - Can I please get some advice on what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you - I figured out what I did wrong - I was not using the right type in the grid columns.

Also thank you for your get set of components - The look wonderful