Razor .Net : DialogPage, pass value back?

Hello All,

i have started creating a razor application with the Radzen NuGet package.
I'm really impressed. A lot of controls already and visually all looks very good !

I have a question regarding the dialogService. Is it possible to pass an object when closing the Service ?

I want to pass my newly created Object. It would be nice to have something like this

This way I can also know in the calling page if the Cancelled -or OK-Button is clicked.

Maybe there is another way to achieve this ?

thx, Gert

Hi Gert,

We will do our best to add return value for the dialog in our next release (next week probably).

Best Regards,

Thank you Vladimir !

Have dialog return values been added and if so how do you return a value from a dialog?


Yes, more info here:

Thank you. I'll assume then that you pass dialog return values through the Close(dynamic) delegate?


No, this is how you check what is returned. The passed result is here:

I suggest you to get the demo application and check how the dialog is working locally.