Razor .NET Core : Highlight Selected Row


is it possible to color a row (like selected row )in de Datagrid ?

When the user clicks on a row, I want it to be selected and have a different background color.
Is this possible ?



Hi Gert,

We will add it with the next release (later today):

Best Regards,

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We've added also result for the dialog:


Looks very good and I think these are very useful enhancements we will enjoy.

Thanks a lot .

What is the proper way to set the highlight row for a datagrid within Radzen?

Right now I'm setting the selected object to the grid via grid.Value = object, but I get a warning saying this "Component parameter 'Value' should not be set outside of its component".

So how do we properly set it up so this doesn't happen? I looked at https://razor.radzen.com/master-detail where highlighting is working and I see these two values set in the code, "Value="@order" RowSelect="@(args => order = args)" but neither are visible in the properties tab for a datagrid. Do I have to set these up somewhere else?

Value is actually the proper way to set it - we will expose it in the property grid as well (ignore the warning in the meantime).

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Thanks that solved my row select in code problem.
But I am still getting the warning "Component parameter 'Value' should not be set outside of its component".
with latest Radzen