Range slider thumb size


I use standard range slider:

<RadzenSlider Range="true" @bind-Value=@array TValue="IEnumerable" Change="@method" class="w-100 range " />

I'm currently trying to increase size of thumbs because the screen has very small size. While using Style="height:30px" for example, I can only increase height of slider range itself, but not thumbs. Is it possible to increase thumbs size?

If it's not, maybe there is a way to make slider readonly? Applying "Disabled" in style makes component invisible.

I understand that your priorities are paid customers, but maybe you just have solution out of the box.


Hi @michaelm,

You can easily change the slider handle size like this:

   style="--rz-slider-handle-width: 50px; --rz-slider-handle-height: 50px" />

Works as expected in our demo.

Thank you very much!