Are there any better samples available for this component server side? My use case is that I want to upload a file to a staging area in the app (not a database...yet). I'd like the upload to be Base64Encoded, and map to a POCO property. When the user is done with other tasks and saves the parent objects, this will save as well.

The file won't convert to Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.IFormFile in the UploadProgress method, so I can't do anything there. The controller returns the value to what? How do I convert this in the controller and return it to a useful thing? The dependency injected state object I want to assign this to gins up as a new version when injected into the controller.

Thoughts? Help? Please.

If you need base64 encoded file in database field you can use: https://blazor.radzen.com/fileinput

FileInput hangs on ServerSide and disconnects the circuit. Is there some sort of controller we should use there?

You do not need anything extra.

Not sure what hangs on your side