RadzenUpload list of selected files

Is there any way to set the default state of RadzenUpload control after Complete event in manual mode? I mean hide list of selected files and clear or reset selected files.

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Hi @vlksam,

No, currently this is not possible.

Hi @korchev,

are there any plans for that to change? I also ran into that Problem.
Imho this makes the control quite user unfriendly.

They will think that nothing happened yet and try to upload again and again.
Sure, you can try to notify the user with some text but we all now that users wont read that haha
What is your recommendation to solve that behavior?

I would need a feature like this too.
In my situation I have a grid above some upload-controls.
Everytime the user clicks on another grid entry I reload my previews of already uploaded images and offer to reupload images. But since the controls do not reset, the user uploads an image to one grid-entry, then switches to another and immediately can upload the same image to another grid-item again.

EDIT: my usecase is for angular, i hope this wouldn't make a big difference for your possible implementation

Hi @Moo

It actually makes a big difference since the Angular Upload component is PrimeNG and they don't seem to support the requested feature.