RadzenUpload filepath in database

I'm using Blazor server-side for this project. There is a field in a table in which I wish to store a string containing the full path to a file I have uploaded to the server using the RadzenUpload component. I'm having two problems.

  1. I am trying to add a record to the database with filepath information about an uploaded file. The form I'm using form was created by the automatic generation of CRUD pages and modified to add the FileUpload control, a progress bar and the supporting code for the progress bar. I wish to use the information from the form to build the filepath, send that information to the upload controlled and save the filepath along with the other required fields on the form to the database. For example, if a file "test.jpg" is uploaded and the form fields "Document Type" and "Order Type" and "Order Number" are "Image", "Parts" and "123" respectively, the final fullpath might be "/Parts/Images/Part_Image_123_test.jpg". Those values should be stored in their respective table fields. With the help of the forums I have the controller uploading files, and I can set the filename and path to static values. I have not yet managed to figure out how to get the form info into the controller so I can save the file in the appropriate place with the proper name.

  2. I would like the file upload to happen on form submit so all validation happens at submit and all information is available to be sent where it needs to go. It seems as though setting "Auto" on the FileUpload control would do the trick, but it doesn't seem to do it. I think that perhaps solving the first problem would help in solving the second.

I have looked at using the FileInput control, but since this system will be used to store some rather large files, saving to the database is not an option. Any advice that anybody can provide would be appreciated.

Check this thread: Upload file - #3 by Ahmed

Submitting a form and uploading a file not part of the form (FileInput) are two different actions and cannot be executed together. For sure auto upload is not an option in this case and you need to execute manually Upload() in case of form submit is successful.