RadzenTree Delete node

Hello Radzen,

I have a requirement to create a dynamic tree programmatically on the left side and an edit form on the right. Here what I am exactly looking for the functionality to delete a nth level node and select the n-1th level node, if n-1th level is not existing then the immediate parent node. Once we delete a node it needs to update the right side edit form with the newly selected n-1th node. It will be a great help if you can guide me on this.

Thanks in advance.

No matter if your components are bound, for example Data property is set, or created dynamically using for loop, simply changing the variable assigned to Data or used in the for loop and calling StateHasChanged() will update the UI.

Could you please provide me a working example?

Not sure what example you want, how to call StateHasChanged()?

I mean a RadzenTree with the mentioned functionalities

We don’t have such example.