RadzenTextArea - Char(13)+Char(10)

I have migrated an existing .Net Framework 4.8 Webforms based app to Blazor using Radzen Components.

For fields that have multiple lines, a new line was detected by Char(13)+ Char(10) in the original system.

I'm finding data updated in the Blazor App using the RadzenTextArea now only have Char(10) and not Char(13)+Char(10) for a new line. Is this normal or am I missing something in the configuration

In my opinion this is enough not sure why Char(13) might be needed. It might depend on the browser and OS also not only .NET version.

I just tested with latest Edge and got the same result in vanilla HTML and JavaScript.

Typing a<enter>b outputs three numbers only [97, 10, 98]. I guess browsers have agreed to do that some time ago.

I thought it's probably something to do with the RadzenTextarea but it clearly isn't.

I used the same browser (latest Chrome) against the new system and it stored Char(10) ie \n and against the old system in .NET Framework and it stored Char(13)+Char(10) ie \r\n. So it's not even browser related. That only leaves the .NET Framework.

I came across a couple of links and they too refer to \r\n so it must have been that sometime ago and changed to just \n but it didn't change when using .NET Framework as new line was still \r\n.


Hi @korchev

I did a bit more research on this. Came across this in the docs

I tried soft in JS Bin and it's still char(10)