RadzenTemplateForm: autocomplete

I assume that RadzenTemplateForm will be rendered as a Form tag. I would like to suggest the additional property autocomplete="on|off" for the RadzenTemplateForm to control the autocomplete behaviour of the browser.

Such property is available on form components, still we accept pull requests.

With Firefox I had to embedd RadzenTemplateForm into a form component with autocomplete="off" to prevent Firefox from automatically inserting text content into RadzenTextBox components. So perhaps this property is something for future versions. At the moment I have the knowledge to use your components. For pull requests to improve your components it is not sufficient I suppose.

All Radzen components support custom attributes. Did you try setting autocomplete to the template form itself?

<RadzenTemplateForm autocomplete="off">
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This seems to have the same effect as wrapping the RadzenTemplateForm into a form. Perhaps you could still make autocomplete an official attribute of RadzenTemplateForm to support binding or pass the knowledge to developers that RadzenTemplate is indeed rendered as a form component.

We don't recommend nesting forms. It isn't valid HTML.

Why though? It is possible via custom attribute today.

The source is available in github. Everybody can check it as they please.