RadzenTemplateForm and/remove validation dynamic

Hi, Can anyone help me how to add/remove validation dynamic in RadzenTemplateForm?
Thank you.

Hi @le_hoa,

Are you using Radzen or just the Blazor component from Visual Studio?

Hi Korchev,
I use RadzenTemplateForm and RadzenRequiredValidator, after the form rendered, is there any way to remove/add the validator component?

@le_hoa you didn't answer my question :slight_smile: Anyway if you are not using Radzen you can use an @if statement to toggle a validator based on a property value.

@if (showValidator) {
   <RadzenRequiredValidator />

I have kind of the same need (I think)
I'm using RadzenTemplateForm, and inside I have a component, in which I do some validations.
If some validation is missing Ill show an error (mix of label and a hipper link)
I want to set RadzenTemplateForm validation state to false when applying following the logic that is inside RadzenTemplateForm

Is there a way to turn off the green highlighting on an element in the template form when the form is valid? my form is just highlighting the first element in the form at all times when the form is valid, I only want the red error messages to come up not the green highlight