RadzenTemplateForm and/remove validation dynamic

Hi, Can anyone help me how to add/remove validation dynamic in RadzenTemplateForm?
Thank you.

Hi @le_hoa,

Are you using Radzen or just the Blazor component from Visual Studio?

Hi Korchev,
I use RadzenTemplateForm and RadzenRequiredValidator, after the form rendered, is there any way to remove/add the validator component?

@le_hoa you didn't answer my question :slight_smile: Anyway if you are not using Radzen you can use an @if statement to toggle a validator based on a property value.

@if (showValidator) {
   <RadzenRequiredValidator />

I have kind of the same need (I think)
I'm using RadzenTemplateForm, and inside I have a component, in which I do some validations.
If some validation is missing Ill show an error (mix of label and a hipper link)
I want to set RadzenTemplateForm validation state to false when applying following the logic that is inside RadzenTemplateForm