RadzenTabsItem Text Refresh Bug

I currently implement the RadzenTabsItem Text as shown in the two examples below to show the count for contacts. I prefer the first implementation because it shows what is filtered versus 2 where the count is fixed. Regardless of 1 or 2, the count fails to refresh when the contacts list changes:

<RadzenTabsItem Text="@string.Format(" Contacts: {0} of {1}", contactsGrid.View.Count(), contacts.Count)">

<RadzenTabsItem Text="@string.Format(" Contacts: {0}", contacts.Count)">

Code-behind updates the contacts list and I also apply StateHasChanged(), but count does not update on the UI. The RadzenGrid contactsGrid works fine and its data updates as appropriate. Just the RadzenTabsItem Text doesn't seem to refresh with the above implementations.

Hi @radzenkenn,

We recently released fix for RadzenTabsItem - are you using latest version of the NuGet package?