I have a Steps Component with optional steps based on answer in previous steps. So set Visible to true/false based on responses.
quick questions, is there an easy way to do a review step for the last step to just show all information inputted before submitting?
If not, is there a way to tell I'm on last step without a couple of ifs based on previous inputs?
Is there a way to change Next button text based on the StepsItem so when a specific step shows up no matter what step it is, show a different text?

Thank you

I guess I should give a little more info on those last questions.
I was looking at the code for RadzenSteps and there are 2 variables IsLastVisibleStep and IsFirstVisibleStep but i don't believe we have access to these on the razor page. Additionally If i create my own Buttons part and add it to each step manually I would be able to change the text of the buttons by step but can we access the nextStep() in RadzenSteps or do i have to write my own.

Hi @ioaevmdf,

You can use the SelectedIndex property to set the current step should you decide to build custom buttons and control the navigation.

<RadzenSteps @bind-SelectedIndex="selectedIndex" ShowStepsButtons="false">

First, you glossed over my first initial question, Is there a nice way to do a review of all inputs from previous steps?

Second, I know I can use selectedIndex and mostly am. but if i just use a function that increases selected index by 1 for "nextstep" then the visible=false steps still "show" but just don't show data. Im curious if i don't have to write my own logic and can somehow use what is already written. I would prefer not to write my own code for next/previous buttons.

writing my own code means i have to hardcode the last step # and if i add a step next month i have to remember to change that, same with which steps to skip cause they aren't supposed to be visible.

Thanks for the response

The other things you want to achieve are not supported out of the box. Getting full control over SelectedIndex is the only possible way to achieve what you are after.