RadzenSteps inside Blazor EditForm

i have a default EditForm that has a steps in it

when i try to move to next page , the validation start , and prevent the steper from moving to second page ,
is there a way to disable calling the validation when moving between the steps ?
or can i control when it fire ?

Hi @Hani_Safa,

RadzenSteps runs validation on purpose - otherwise there would be errors in the second page which the user never sees. I don't think there is an easy way to disable validation.

If you really want to stop the validation then change the steps control for a tab control. But the question is surely why would you want to bypass the validation, you run the risk of making for a more confusing user experience.

the problem is the validation start for the second tab, witch is not visible yet , as soon as i click the next button validation start as if im submitting the form ,
i've solve it by replacing EditForm with RadzenTemplateForm.

the problem is that the validation start as soon as i click the next buttton , as if im submiting the from , the visible tab has no validation errors , the second tab ,witch is not visible yet , has, but i cant navigate to it.
i've solved it by replacing EditForm with RadzenTemplateForm