RadzenStacks for everything?

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if there's any reason not to use Stacks for everything involved with page layout? They seem so flexible and easier to use than HTML Rows and Columns. I've been replacing rows and columns with stacks in my apps and haven't been able to find any undesirable effects.

However, rows and columns are still employed when RBS automatically generates pages for CRUD operations so they must have some utility. Any rules of thumb for when one shouldn't use stacks and employ rows & columns instead?


Hi @SloSuenos,

The main reason to use Rows and Columns instead of Stacks is responsiveness and the control they give you over different screen sizes.

While both approaches are based on the CSS FlexBox layout, the Row/Column layout is always based on a 12 column grid underneath, whereas the Stacks do not have grid layout restrictions.

This grid layout in combination with the screen size breakpoints available for Rows/Columns allow you to arbitrarily resize, offset and reorder columns on different screen sizes.

Access property breakpoints

In general:

  • Think of RadzenStack as a repeater or something that allows you to quickly and consistently arrange items one after another.
  • Think of RadzenRow/RadzenColumn as a responsive grid layout that allows you to precisely control the order, width and offset of items on different screen sizes.

You can read more about responsive page layouts in our docs.


Thanks @yordanov, good to know!