RadzenSecurityCode input not working properly on mobile device

RadzenSecurityCode works well on computer, it takes the key as keypress happne and progress to next cell of RadzenSecurityCode . but same site is used on mobile crome browser, there is issues with RadzenSecurityCode , it does not take the key pressed and also does not progress to next cell.

Same behavior can be seen in radzen component RadzenSecurityCode demo page Blazor SecurityCode Component | Free UI Components by Radzen when browsed via mobile.

Also back key does not work to clear RadzenSecurityCode by self progressing to next cell, one has to go each cell to clear the values. This is can also be seen in demo page itself.

Works normally on my end

Indeed such feature is not supported however we accept pull requests!

I have the same problem. The SecurityCode demo page doesn't work on mobile (Chrome).
Try enter numbers ! Try Numeric Security code on demo page!

Can you also try with android mobile .. I tried demo page from multiple device and see the issue.

I've pushed update that will improve the Android support - it will be part of our next release before the end of the week: