RadzenScheduler not showing 24 format

I've successfully made the RadzenScheduler show the days of the week in Portuguese but, as you can see on the left of the calendar, the hours are not in 24 format meaning that 1pm should actually show as 13.

How can I solve this? Is there some problem in my localization settings?

Check this thread: Scheduler Time Format - #4 by korchev

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Thanks, this worked: <RadzenWeekView TimeFormat="HH:mm" StartTime=@TimeSpan.FromHours(7) />

        <RadzenScheduler @ref=@radzenScheduler SlotRender=@OnSlotRender TItem="SchedulerEvent" LoadData="@OnLoadData" Data=@schedulerEvents StartProperty="Start" EndProperty="End"
                         TextProperty="Text" SelectedIndex="0"
                         SlotSelect=@OnSlotSelect AppointmentSelect=@OnAppointmentSelect AppointmentRender=@OnAppointmentRender>
            <RadzenWeekView TimeFormat="HH:mm" StartTime=@TimeSpan.FromHours(7) />