Scheduler Time Format


I'm currently working on the integration of the Radzen Scheduler in a Blazor page, and I have a problem with the localization.
I noticed that the day-name abbreviation on the top of the scheduler are generated depending on the navigator's UI Culture, but the time format on the left stays the same, no matter the language.
I'd like to turn it into a HH:mm format ('6pm' becoming '18h' or '18h00', for example), and I can't find how to do this.

Do you have an advice for me please?

Thank you,

Hi @simonDelpey,

Welcome to the Radzen community!

At the moment the Radzen Scheduler component does not support the requested feature. There isn't a way to change the way the time format is displayed.

Hi @korchev ,

Is this functionality in the roadmap? It would be nice!!

You can try the TimeFormat property.

Yes, that works great!!

Thank you @korchev !!!