RadzenRequiredValidator error message display question

I got the RadzenRequiredValidator working in a RadzenDataGrid after a little trial and error but I have a question.

When the validator fires and displays the message for the RadzenTextBox it is fine, either below the textbox (Popup="false") or lower-left (Popup="true"). However, for a RadzenAutoComplete the text is either hidden behind it (Popup="false") or displayed upper-right (partially hidden behind other components).

Examining the classes for the error message I discovered that by changing the "display" attribute for the "rz-messages-error" class from "inline-block" to "block" the messages now show as intended for both components. "flex" and a few other attribute types worked also. I chose to use "block" because it's closest to the original "inline-block".

My question: Is this intended behavior? Is there a reason to NOT use this hack to get the messages to display where I want?

To be a more clear.

I didn't "change" the source CSS file for my hack. I added the below code to my main CSS file that loads AFTER the Radzen.Blazor CSS file.

    display: block;