RadzenProgressBar Unit Text

I'm trying to set the Unit for the progress bar. It's based on the number of questions in a survey (e.g. Question 3 of 12), however, in addition to showing the Unit text, it also prefixes the value (3Question 3 of 12). If I don't show the Value or don't include it, then no text shows. Is there a way to only show the Unit information, but not have it, include the value?
The OnChange happens when a user clicks on a rating

RadzenProgressBar ShowValue="true" Unit="@ProgressCountText" Value="@ProgressCount" Max="@MaxProgress"

void OnChange(int Score, string fldName)
ProgressCount += 1;
ProgressCountText = string.Format("Question {0} of {1}", ProgressCount, MaxProgress);
message.Summary = "Saved!";


Hi @Tulemon,

At the moment this isn't possible. The Value and Unit are displayed one after the other. The intent of the Unit property is to just show the unit of the progress e.g. %, kilos etc. You seem to want to completely change the text displayed which is currently not supported.

Hi @Tulemon,
I'm trying to create a survey as well, could you please guide us on how you achieved the result shown in the screenshot?


its nothing fancy - just loop over a collection and lay it out in a bootstrap grid.

@foreach (var rate in RoadMapDisplyDTO) {
@rate.DisplayPrefix) @((MarkupString)@rate.Statement) @if (rate.Score != null) { double tmpScore = rate.tmpScore; OnChange(args, @rate.StatementId.ToString())) /> } else { OnChange(args, @rate.StatementId.ToString())) /> }