RadzenPanelMenuItem unexpected behavior based on rendermode

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to address my question.

My use case involves using parent RadzenPanelMenuItems that contain child RadzenPanelMenuItems in an application built using .NET 8 RC2 and a Blazor web app with Interactive Server rendering mode.

When I don't set any render mode attribute on the NavMenu component, the selected items work correctly. However, the parent menus don't open automatically, and I can't click to open the parent menus.

On the other hand, when I set @rendermode=InteractiveServer on the NavMenu component, the parents become clickable (open/close). However, the selected items no longer function, and the parent menus don't open or close automatically.

Is there a way to make the parent menus clickable to open/close while still ensuring the selected items work?

I've attached a small project based on the Microsoft template from Visual Studio 2022 Preview 5 and .NET 8 RC2. You can toggle the behavior by modifying the NavMenu component in /Components/Layout/MainLayout.razor.

Thanks again for addressing my question.

BlazorAppWithIdentity.zip (161.8 KB)

That behavior is actually expected and by design. Static rendering mode disables interactivity based on Blazor events. You can find more info in this thread as well as a working project.Sidebar not working in .NET 8 RC1 experiment