RadzenPager does not initialize on MAUI Blazor Hybrid apps

Hello, I have a weird bug. If I want to use the RadzenPager component, it doesn't get initialized at first. As you can see it says "Page 1 of 0". If you click on Next Page then it will get updated correctly.

The weird thing is, this only happens in MAUI Blazor Hybrid applications. In normal WebAssembly or Server Blazor applications this does work.

Link to an example is here:
GitHub repo

You can attach Radzen.Balzor.csproj from our source code to debug your application.

Ok so I did some digging. In the CalculatePager the numberOfPages variable is set and it defaults to zero. That is why we see "1 of 0 pages" in the text. The problem is that in a Blazor Hybrid app (MAUI) the rendering of the PageSummary occurs before the CalculatePager method in the RazorPager component but in a normal Blazor WebAssembly the CalculatePager method is executed first before rendering the PageSummary.

So in short this is the callstack of what happens with the 2 applications:

WebAssembly app (shows it correctly):

  1. OnParameterSetAsync()
  2. CalculatePager() ->here the "numberOfPages" variable is set which is being used by the PageSummary
  3. Rendering of the PageSummary

Blazor Hybrid MAUI app (shows it INCORRECTLY):

  1. OnParameterSetAsync()
  2. Rendering of the PageSummary (with "numberOfPages" defaulted to 0)
  3. CalculatePager() ->now the "numberOfPages" is set, but the rendering already took place.

So the conclusion is that rendering is being handled differently in Blazor Hybrid MAUI apps but I don't understand why (since its the same code). Maybe you can help us out with that?