RadzenNumeric's rendered input is misaligned with it's rendered span

Here's what I'm talking about:

This is a Radzen Dialog with a RadzenDataGrid. The leftmost column is a RadzenNumeric inside of an EditTemplate:

I looked at this post and the solution to that problem did not help.

I have to admit I'm not great with CSS and the only real formatting I have is the VS included bootstrap. I do have the settings from the post I mentioned above in my _Hosts.cshtml file. I also have this in the razor component that's opening the dialog:

.rz-grid-table td .rz-cell-data { font-size: 0.7rem; white-space:pre-line; overflow:clip; padding: 0; } .rz-grid-table thead th .rz-column-title-content { white-space:pre-line; overflow:visible; font-size:0.9rem; }

Hi @meby,

There is some CSS which affects all Radzen Blazor components - everything looks off in your screenshot. The buttons are too tall, the grid row is also not as tall as it should be. Use your developer tools to check what CSS from your app is affecting the appearance.

Thanks for the feedback. I found the issue.

The "white-space:preline;" entry in my css was the issue. I've removed it and all is looking good.