RadzenNumeric underlying value change event (to trigger css animation)

I have a RadzenNumeric (actually a RadzenDataGridColumn - Template dynamically creating a column of RadzenNumerics.
I want to trigger a css animation when the underlying bound value of the control (myObj.someProp via bind-Value="myObj.someProp") changes. I.e. like a market trading application, that when a price changes the value flashes once to highlight.
How would I go about this?

And to clarify, while I am happy to get an assist on any part of this, the key question is how I can tap into a RadzenNumeric change event for the underlying bound value.

Hi @user4896t9385u935u35

As far as I know CSS animations work only when a css property changes. The value of input components isn't a CSS property though. I don't think what you are asking is possible.

Putting the CSS aside, how do I react (in C#) to a bind event on the RadzenNumeric? I.e. when the underlying value has changed and so change what is displayed in the box?

The Change event fires after the data is updated however Blazor doesn't visualise it instantly. You can still try it though.

Hi, thank you for your response. I have a handler on "Change", but it only fires when the control is changed via the UI (i.e. someone has typed a value into the control) not when the value of the control is being changed via binding (i.e. in my example myObj.someProp).
What I need is that when myObj.someProp has changed, and it changes the number displayed in the RadzenNumeric, how can I react to that binding-to event? ("Change" is like reacting to binding-from i.e. when sending the value back to the bound property).

If you know when the property changes you can add your code there. There isn't an event that would fire by the numeric in that case.