RadzenNumeric - supporting coma and dot as decimal separator

I would need to achieve that when a user types a decimal number into the RadzenNumeric control then both the coma as well as the dot are supported as decimal separators.
I understand currently it is not supported in Radzen.

I was thinking I could overcome it using the @oninput event callback.
The argument of that event ChangeEventArgs contains the 'Value' property which can be set to actively change the input value. So if I receive an input with the 'coma' separator I could just replace it with the 'dot' and then set it back into the Value property of that event argument.

However the problem is RadzenNumeric does not reflect on the value which is changed via the @oninput event argument.
Is there a chance the RadzenNumeric control will suport that event? Or is there some other way I could achieve that both dots and comas are recognized as decimal separators?

I suggest using a Mask instead: