RadzenNumeric: Paste (ctrl+v) a number from memory

Dear Radzen Team!

In RadzenNumeric nothing happen when try to paste a number from memory (ej. 23,48 : comma is decimal separator for Culture in this case), but it's ok if the number is 23.48 but it's converted in 2348.

I think, Could it be a bug in OnPaste function (any IsNumeric validation without Culture)?

thank you

Hi again,

IMO, I think problem is in this javascript function

numericOnPaste: function (e) {
if (e.clipboardData) {
var value = e.clipboardData.getData('text');

  if (value && /^-?\d*\.?\d*$/.test(value)) {



inside Radzen.Blazor.js

Posible solution : change regular expression to


thank you!

Hi! I'm experiencing the exact same behaviour with the exception that nothing is pasted if content has a comma separator and my culture is set ut use a comma separator. If content has a period pasting works fine but then it's not valid numeric entry due to culture. I'm using the latest nuget (3.5.2)

@enchev, @korchev could you please advice or suggest a possible workaround?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: