RadzenNumeric Max and Min on type


I was wondering if there is a way aside from registering a Change method to prevent the typing of a value into a RadzenNumeric which is above or below the Max and Min values set on declaration.

For instance, with the online demo site, i can use the example with a max of 10 and min of 1 and can type in any value i would like.

Is the best solution a Change method to prevent this?


We will do our best to find a way to handle this internally.

The latest version 2.10.13 should include a fix for this issue.

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Yes, the new fix is in place and verified on my end as well as working! Thanks so much!

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I am having another issue with this functionality that i just discovered. If i enter a value into my field with Max and Min parameters set and then tab out of the field. The number i input WITHIN the bounds of the max and min is reset to the min value. I then do it a second time, and it accepts the number input.

I will try to demonstrate with screenshots below

Initial load:

Type in my number:

Press tab or click out of the field:

Backspace the '1' and input '3' again

It is then accepted as the input.

Here is my declaration for that field.

<RadzenNumeric Min="1" Max="5" ReadOnly=readOnlySubmitted TValue="int?" Name="qSafety" @bind-Value="formEvaluation.qSafety" />

I confirm the next bug.
Field with set min and max values:

Initial start:
Enter some value from keyboard:
Click anywhere outside the field and voila:
Variable value is reset to min. If used up down buttons error will not occur
Rolled back to stable 2.10.10

Fix will be released tomorrow.