RadzenNumeric input type

We are currently working on an application which is being used in Windows Tablet mode, and one of the issues which as popped up in User Acceptance Testing is that the numeric boxes do not auto pop up the Windows TabTip keyboard in number only mode. I was easily able to test to ensure that changing the option to "input type: number" fixes the problem, however I have not found a way to change the default type on the RadzenNumeric.

Is there a way that this can be handled aside from recreating the element? Or can this be added as an option in the next release to be able to define the input types?

Setting the type of the numeric input isn't supported and we don't plan to allow it since it will have side effects (e.g. the Format property will no longer work). RadzenNumeric already sets the inputmode attribute which is supposed to show numeric keyboard on touch devices.

That's all well and good but it still doesn't allow for things like leading Zeros which is important in many numeric input scenarios.

Account numbers, Zip Codes, ect. And you don't want to assume that any values before what was entered were supposed to be zeros!

So I really think you should rethink not planning to support type numeric on TextBoxes!
Just my 2 cents

@Travis_Walker maybe u should try Masks or Regex Validator in order to ensure the user type what u need

It's less about verifying what the user typed. And more about providing a better experience for mobile devices. If they are expected to enter only numbers into a field the accepted method to do so is
<input inputmode="numeric" pattern="[0-9]*" type="text" name="accountNumber">
You need to specify both inputmode AND pattern.

Which gives you the widest support of mobile devices, such that when the input field is selected the numeric only keypad is shown to the user. Rather than the entire keyboard.

Which ya, you can use RadzenNumeric for most of the fields that require a numeric value. But as stated previously, the minute you need something that requires supporting leading zeros your hosed.

I thinks i found i solution for u but i cant manage to test it with a mobile device with a keyboard (chrome dev tool dont support virtual keyboard)
Try this:

And u should achive this: