RadzenNumeric error with unsigned integer types

I am using the RadzenNumeric bound to an ulong property.
When I am running my application and I am entering a negative
number (i.e. -1), the RadzenNumeric component is throwing an
Exception in the InternalValueChange method, which hangsup
the current page.

I found out the root cause. The method InternalValueChange is
using BindConverter.TryConvertTo(...). Although the method
is called "TryConvertTo", an exception is thrown when trying to convert
a negative number to an unsigned integer type.

The solve the problem, the following lines:

TValue newValue;
 BindConverter.TryConvertTo<TValue>(RemoveNonNumericCharacters(value), Culture, out newValue);

has to be changed to

 TValue newValue;
   BindConverter.TryConvertTo<TValue>RemoveNonNumericCharacters(value), Culture, out newValue);
catch (Exception ex)
    newValue = default(TValue);

Hey @weismantelf

We've fixed this, thanks for the report! We accept also pull requests!