RadzenNumeric Culture property does not works

I have an application that dynamically manages the regional configuration to be able to handle the current format, specifically it happens within a grid in non-editing mode it works for me but in editing mode it does not change the format, I leave the code of the particular column.

<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="clsDetalle" Property="precio" Title="Precio" Width="80px" >
                            <Template Context="detalle">
                                @String.Format(GlobalizationServiceInstance.CurrentCulture, "{0:C}", detalle.precio)
                            <EditTemplate Context="detalle">
                                <RadzenNumeric Name="txtPrecio" @bind-Value="detalle.precio" TValue="double" Culture="GlobalizationServiceInstance.CurrentCulture" Format="c" Style="width:100%" />

In my opinion the FormattedValue is what not worked properly:

What do I have to do to apply this change in my project?

This fix is not yet released.

OK, I'll be waiting to update the library, thanks