RadzenNotificationMessage multiple mode

Hi Radzen Team,

I have found RadzenNotificationMessage component (IMO you should add this to demo). It's used by RadzenNotification.

Shoult it be possible to add, to RadzenNotificationMessage, multiple message (IEnumerable) and draw list group by severity?


RadzenNotification is the container for RadzenNotificationMessage - you cannot show the message without this component and yes it is part of our demo:

Yes, you can show multiple messages:

hi @enchev,

Yes, I knew about RadzenNotification, I have using it, but I think (I've not tried yet) RadzenNotificationMessage can work alone without RadzenNotification (as I write before, I've not tried yet)

When I wrote about multiple messages I'm think about some new option to group messages by severity, I mean two-N messages with severity error can draw together like primeng can do with <p-messages>. So that, I wrote about posibility to change NotificationMessage for List<NotificationMessage> and grouped in presentations, all of that if it's posible and you find interesting.

thank you!