RadzenListBox not wrapping anymore


I am using the RadzenListBox, with the displaying images. These images have always been wrapping from left to right, with multiple rows and colums. They now, without code changes, are no longer wrapping, and simply displaying in a single, top-down column. It has been about six months since I updated the Radzen Blazor components library but, just updated to 3.9.10 .

Any guidance you can provide? Thanks!

Hi @mookey,

The RadzenListBox never supported columns.

Thanks for replying, Korchev.

I didn't mean to imply "column" objects. I meant to say that the images were displaying from left to right, then top down, i.e., wrapping horizontally, like the second, bottom image. Now, they are ONLY being displayed top down, all in one "column," like the first/top image.


I wasn't able to see what has changed. I pulled down old code, with Radzen.Blazor Version 2.10.10, and the RadzenListBox was wrapping the items. Now, with Radzen.Blazor Version 3.10.0, and one version earlier, this does not work anymore. Which alternative component would give me the desired result? I need wrapped items, which are "selectable" like the RadzenListBox. Thanks for any help.

The behavior you have relied upon was probably a glitch which we have fixed. The ListBox wasn't supposed to wrap its elements.

Still you can use this css to bring wrapping back:

.rz-listbox .rz-multiselect-item {
  display: inline-block !important;

Thanks Korchev, that worked. I thought I was loosing my mind and just imagined the initial behavior.