RadzenLink does not render inside RadzenTabsItem

I am new to Radzen and want to create tabs that contain links. However I am puzzled why RadzenLink does not show up in the tabs while other components such as RadzenCard do. Below is the code snippet for the screenshots I have attached. I really appreciate if someone can help.

                        <RadzenTabsItem Text="TabOne">
                            <RadzenCard Style="width: 250px;">
                                        <div>ShipCity, ShipCountry</div>
                                            <RadzenLink Name="LinkA" Path="LinkAPath" />
                        <RadzenTabsItem Text="TabTwo">
                            <RadzenLink Name="LinkA" Path="LinkAPath"/>
                            <RadzenLink Name="LinkB" Path="LinkBPath"/>
                            <RadzenLink Name="LinkC" Path="Link3Path" />


You might need to set some Text for your links:

Aha, thanks. That's it.