RadzenHtmlEditorLink doesnt work

Hi, I am using RadzenHtmlEditor, there are tools to insert hyperlink and unlink. I can do that in the demo but with my application, when I click the hyperlink icon, it does not show the modal to insert url. Do I need to do something to make it works?

Thanks team :slight_smile:

Hi @Jenny_Dang,

The link tool uses the Dialog component - make sure you have registered the dialog service and added <RadzenDialog /> to your application's layout file. More info available here: How to get started with the Radzen Blazor components

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Hi @korchev , thanks a lot, it works now :). However I can just insert an internal link to navigate to another page within the site. If I wanted to add external link seem like it did not work. every time I check the url, it combines the project domain + the external link I added , (for example : https://localhost:44364/www.example.com)

Is there anyway to localize the text in pop up modal and I am also thinking to overwrite the css as well. Should I create another ticket?

Many thanks again.

Yes, there are various properties that you can use. You however need to specify the tools in the Editor in order to override them:

   <RadzenHtmlEditorUndo />
   <RadzenHtmlEditorItalic />
   <RadzenHtmlEditorLink OkText="Insert link" />

The CSS rules used by the Editor are defined here.