RadzenHtmlEditorFontSize: customize font-size items

Is it possible to customize RadzenHtmlEditor menu item for font-size (RadzenHtmlEditorFontSize)?
For example we would like to add font-size:8pt, 10pt, 12pt into the dropdown for font-size.

For font-name (RadzenHtmlEditorFontName) there is a possibility to customize dropdown items: RadzenHtmlEditorFontNameItem. Is there a possibility for font-size?

Hi @si-ma,

Unfortunately this isn't supported due to a limitation of the browser API that RadzenHtmlEditor uses - it only accepts a fixed number of font sizes from 1 to 7.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Can the existing/fix 7 font-sizes be replaced by a custom font-size (e.g. instead of 16 px -> 12pt etc.)?

No, for the same reasons listed in my previous reply. The font-sizes are hardcoded in the browser API.