RadzenHtmlEditor font list


I am trying to use the Html editor in a scenario where I would want more fonts than the short list provided by default. I am interesed in a handwriting like font. Can somebody guide me on how can this be achieved? Thanks.

Hi @tim,

You can add any font to the HTML editor as long as it is installed on your user machine (otherwise selecting it will have no effect). Here is how:

        <RadzenHtmlEditorFontNameItem Text="Segoe UI" Value='"Segoe UI"' />
        <RadzenHtmlEditorFontNameItem Text="Tahoma" Value="Tahoma" />

The Text property is displayed in the fonts dropdown. The Value property is what gets inserted in the generated HTML - if your font contains white space it should be entered with single quotes as 'Segoe UI' in the example above.