RadzenHTML Editor not updating EditContext.IsModified

Good morning Radzen Chaps,

I have a RadzenTemplateForm, with input boxes, dropdown boxes and a RadzenHTLMEditor, additionally a save and reset button at the bottom of the form. The submit and reset buttons are both disabled using the code Disabled=@(!MyForm.EditContext.IsModified()). MyForm is referenced within the TempalteForm as ref=@MyForm.

Whenever I modify any of the dropdown boxes or input in the text boxes and move onto the next field, the EditContext.IsModified is true, and therefore enables the Save & Reset buttons. However, whenever I make amendments to the HTMLEditor and move focus, the EditContext.IsModified is always false, and I have to udpate one of the other fields to enable the Save button. Is there a way when the HTMLEditor loses focus, to ensure that EditConent.IsModified is changed to true?

Thanks for your help in advance

Kind Regards

Hi @ResilientSystems,

It seems this is an omission. We will implement it with the next release.


That is great ,thank you for your response, and I look forward to the next update to resolve this issue

Many Thanks