RadzenGrid Refresh not working after update

I have a button inside a RadzenGrid to update a record on database. When I click on the button, it updates the record in database(I can see the value changed in db).

On the LoadData method, there is web api call to fetch the records from database.
On the GridUpdateButtonClick method, the web api call updates the record. after the update, I call await grid0.Reload();
When I debug, I can see the Reload() call gets me to LoadData, but the RadzenGrid doesnt get refreshed.

Any help would be appreciated.

I use, radzen blazor nuget

Hi @radzdevop,

We are not sure why Reload() might not work in your case. If you have Radzen subscription you can send us an application where we can debug the problem at info@radzen.com.

UPDATE: Check if you have somewhere missing await in your code.

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thank you. I was missing await as you said. its working now :slight_smile: