RadzenGrid pagination


I'm using the RadzenGrid and i would like to turn the urls friendly with a query parameter for the current page. With this option we can directly navigate to a specific page or reload the current page without restarting at the first page.

I achieved this by using Grid's Render event and retrieving the current page and I update the current URL adding the query parameter without issue.

So when i refresh the page, i can call the LoadData with the Skip info regarding the PageSize and the current page, but the grid is always in the first page. The only way I could implement it by loading the data from page 0 and then call GoToPage(3) for instance.

I do not think this is an optimum way of consuming the service since I need to make two service calls in order to go to the desired page.

There is another way to achieve this functionality ?

Thanks in advance,

Project Spec:

  • .NET 5
  • WASM
  • Blazor