RadzenGrid on tab switching lose the state of page number

We got good features from RadzenGrid and considered to utilize it.
Traditionally we have page layout as follows:
And now, customers tend to have layout using tabs:
grid0 grid1
Everything is fine, only RadzenGrid on tab switching lose the state of page number
Any solution?

Hi @Mark_Chenpingling,

We will introduce new property RenderMode=Server|Client to handle such cases. RenderMode.Server will be by default (current state) and RenderMode.Client will render all tabs with display:none and will change the current tab client-side - in this case no state will be lost.

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It's already in the master branch:

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Verified that the master branch version is working.
Any schedule to update https://www.nuget.org/packages/Radzen.Blazor/ ?

To my understanding, the current v3.4.2 need to update
https://blazor.radzen.com/tabs is not working yet

Yes, update will be published early next week.

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Still awaiting for Version 3.4.3 or 3.5.0

The week just started and yes we will publish the update later today. :slight_smile:


Verified that it's working on https://blazor.radzen.com/tabs, using RadzenDataGrid

But, my Radzen generated project using RadzenGrid is not working yet!

Hey @Mark_Chenpingling,

Radzen is not updated yet - it will be later today. The feature is not related to RadzenDataGrid, RadzenGrid or any other component except Tabs component.

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Okay, I will wait for this

Radzen is not updated yet - it will be later today.

That means there's something on Radzen generated project needs to fix as well.
Even to my current knowledge, both use the same RadzenTabs.

Correction for my previous
RadzenDataGrid working, RadzenGrid not working,

RadzenGrid is still working.
I use https://github.com/radzenhq/radzen-blazor, on tabs to add one more tab, as follows

<RadzenTabsItem Text="Customers in RadzenGrid">
                <RadzenGrid ColumnWidth="150px" AllowFiltering="true" AllowPaging="true" AllowSorting="true" Data="@customers" TItem="Customer">
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="CustomerID" Title="Customer ID" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="CompanyName" Title="Company Name" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="ContactName" Title="Contact Name" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="ContactTitle" Title="Contact Title" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="Address" Title="Address" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="City" Title="City" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="Region" Title="Region" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="PostalCode" Title="Postal Code" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="Country" Title="Country" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="Phone" Title="Phone" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="Fax" Title="Fax" />

The Page Number of two Customers tabs are remembered properly.
But on my current project, Radzen.Blazor upgrade to version 3.5.0, neither RadzenGrid nor RadzenDataGrid is working for this new feature.

Nothing needs to be fixed. We've introduced new property RenderMode for the Tabs component that is set to TabRenderMode.Server by default - the way it worked till now. If you want to benefit from the new behavior you need to manually set RenderMode="TabRenderMode.Client". Radzen is already released:

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