RadzenGrid expanded row with invisible columns issue

Blazor RadzenGrid with several columns, some of which have Visible="False", and a row template.

When the row is expanded, the template is in a td tag with a colspan that includes the invisible columns, which causes the data row columns to compress and no longer lineup with the header row columns. And, that looks bad.

I have a grid with 11 columns, 6 are visible and 5 are invisible (user decides which to show).
In the generated html, the tr tag for the header row has 7 td tags (1 for row expand button and 6 for my visible columns).
The expanded row <tr class="ui-expanded-row-content"> contains <td colspan="12">
7 visible cols + 5 hidden cols = 12

In case it matters, I am setting the Visible property using variables like this:

Thanks for the report! Fix will be published tomorrow!

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