RadzenGrid doesn't load data after updating to 1.1.19

I have just updated to the latest Radzen.Blazor version (1.1.19), and my grid no longer gets populated with data provided.
I have checked that the data is definitely assigned, and everything works as soon as I downgrade to 1.1.17.


Can you post more info how Data property is assigned?

Just to be sure that it's not an issue with my code, I downloaded radzen.blazor code from git, ran using Visual Studio 2019, went to example "Application scenarios" > "DataGrid InLine Editing" - works:

Then stopped the application, updated nugget package from 1.1.18 to 1.1.19, ran again - and now the grid is empty (image in next post).

My own code is basically copy-paste of this example, except with different object models.

And after downgrading back to 1.1.8, data is loaded again.

You are right - we've fixed this immediately!