RadzenGrid component on tabs

Dear RadzenTeam,
I have a 3 page Tab component with 3 RadzenGrids one on each.
At first time all the 3 grids had data and it worked perfectly. Now the third grid hasn't any data (No records to display.).
At page re/loadining the grid display data on the first tab but after I open tab 3 (with no data) then I open the tab 1 its grid also hasn't any data. As if it had lost the data.
I hope I write it down not too complicated.
When I open the tab 1 at the second time it doesn't call its LoadData method.
How can I reload the grid on each tab or trigger it, please?

Is it a valid solution if I reload data grid in the change event handler of tab component?

It is interested that the grid on the second tab reload when I open the tab 1. And if I create a ref for the second grid and I want to reload it in the change event handler of the secon tab it stops with a Null exception because the secon grid ref is not exist.