RadzenGrid column headers not rendering properly


I'm having problems with the Blazor RadzenGrid. While I can populate the grid and it seems to function correctly the sort icons on the column headers appear as text and not icons.

Attached is a screen shot of the grid w/ malformed icons.

The HTML for the grid declaration is quoted below:

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What is the problem?

Harry Reed

Hi @doon386,

This glitch happens when the icon font that Radzen Blazor components use (material icons) has failed to load for some reason. Check your browser's network tab for failed HTTP requests.

Hmm.... everything seems to have loaded correctly.

Attached is a screenshot of my network tab.


I wanted to see if the Icons were available. The Icons ARE available as per the attached screenshot

Then probably some other third party CSS is overriding the icons. You can check what CSS rules apply from developer tools.

Yes, you were correct. The problem is in these two lines:

It seems that if the font-awsome link is after the Razden link then the icons won't render. If I, however, put the Radzen link last, after the font-awesome link, they will render correctly, but any references to font-awesome are similarly broken.

So, it seems that Radzen.Blazor and font-awesome interact in a mutually-exclusive manner.

I've also discovered this same behavior with the RadzenDropDownDataGrid.

Any suggested fixes?