RadzenGrid busy overlay

here is described how to set the IsLoading status of a grid using the Radzen IDE (Angular).


Is this feature available for Radzen Blazor too?


Hi @ade,

This feature is not available in Blazor DataGrid since the binding is very different compared to Angular. You can check our dashboard to for more info about busy dialog in Blazor:

Hi @enchev,
thanks for the quick answer.

The background of my questions is the following: I have configured a row selected event callback. When the user selects a row, the event is fired. While the event handler is still running, I would like to prevent the user from selecting another row. Is then alternatively possible to disable the selection of rows?


You can do that with a simple flag in your row select code - if the code is still executing do not allow another execute.

Unfortunately this is not a valid workaround for me. When the user clicks on the row, other controls become visible. Using a flag in the row select event handler would prevent the code from running but the selection will still move to a different row, which might be misleading for the user.

You can show busy overlay similar to the dashboard example I've posted in my first reply.

Do you mean the RadzenProgressBar control?

It's not only the progress bar:

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Actually there is a very simple way to prevent row selection:

you can do that conditionally pointer-events:none|auto;

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Hi again, I followed the example of the dashboard and I got it working.

Thanks a lot for your support